Pour nos amis anglophones : TOGETHER, LETS WRITE DOWN MOULIHERNE.

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we wish to developp freedom of expression and to put the environment at the center of our town by offering a governance attowing commissions for every inhabitant.


Economic developpment :

  • welcome and support new entrepreneurs,craftsneurs, farmers, liberal professions …
  • liven up the activity zone reserved for the wood sector.
  • set the Louisière at the center of a project concerning hiking tracks and developp the pedestrian link with the town center.
  • developp tourism enhance the heritage and protect the environment.
  • Continue the subscription for the churchs’ restoration and start a long term planification.
  • Refuse the wind turbine projet in the village.

Education and Youth :

  • define and shape a school project.
  • create sports activities and optimize the use of the sports room.
  • allow the expression of a youth concil.

Solidarity and social actions :

  • offer personalised support to the town hall for administrative procedures and digital access, for all, including our foreign friends.
  • continue developping the town center by putting seniors lodging in place.
  • support the fire stations existance.
  • invent a slidary transport.
  • ensure dialogue and consultation with the organizations.


To keep a pittoresque village while inserting in an developpment shema imposed by the territorial reform, but without integrating a »new town », invest for the future without increasing the municipal tax pressure and offer a close service accessible to all.


A team combining competence and diversity at your service :

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De gauche à droite : Yannick PERCHERON, Pascal NISON, Danie OLIVIER, François POIRIER, Eric MIGNOT, Alain ASSIRE, Nicole BORONAD-MARTINEAU, Camille BOISLEVANT, Joël PAYE, Franck WEJIEME, Aurélie VILLIERE, Christelle AGOVIC, Christian DU PELOUX , François QUENTIN, Karine OMARI.